Party orbs !

So you want to have a party with a lot of light spheres (or orbs) appearing on your digital pictures?
Here's the recipe:

1. invite a lot of friends
2. make some good music
3. have a discussion about esotherical, metaphysical subjects!

In other words: create a lot of atmosphere...

This is a selection of about 33 fotos from a set of 185 fotos taken at my birthday party at saturday night, januari 20, 2007.
They were taken with a Canon Powershot 640 on Auto. Pictures were taken by Yvonne, my neighbours wife (who is himself a professional fotographer).
Photoshop is only used for the analysis, not for creating them!

We will start with the more spectacular ones and where applicable, do some analysis.

The first one is showing my brother Arthur to the left and Conchita to the right.

There are 2 light orbs to the left of Arthur, one big and one small. The most spectacular is the smeared light above his head.
It could not have been a reflection on the glass door behind them, because the light extends before the curtains!
The shutter speed was 1/60 second. Let us estimate that the light crossed a distance of 50 cm, then the speed was 30 meter/second or 108 km/hour !
Interesting to note that on the next, very similar picture of the series (not shown here) there were no strange light effects at all.

The next one shows a ball of light between Arthur and me (playing electric gitar). Also some sphere's above that one, to the right. Dust particles? naaa....

Next we see Mario, our flamenco expert with a clear orb...

Next David, my son...

Conchita is smoking, but the orb does not seem to care...

Herbert with his sphere...

And more around Herbert:

The first picture in the series. Lorenzo's playing seems to attract them!

The second picture..

Some orbs. Notice the clear one near Mathe...

They just like parties!